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About us

bergfest - Founded in February 2010 by Michael Kronfeldner aka Bergheinz and Andy Dullinger.
Finally on 15 May Bergfest opened its doors in the Simon-Höller-Str. 2 directly in Straubing near the city tower.

Climbing, mountaineering, hiking .... This is our passion. A wonderful and always renewed passion that we want to share with you. How can you in the selection of equipment for the movement in the level, on the ground, in darkness, in cold weather be sure that they meet our requirements in terms of durability, ergonomics, safety and comfort? What can really afford this equipment? What you can orient themselves apart from comparison with his selection? Function optimization, security entitlement, life of the products are the main criteria by which we orient ourselves to become your needs the best possible way. Almost every product we sell in our store has been tested by ourselves or friends. We want to ensure that you enjoy using you bought from us products. And if this should not be the case is over, we find a suitable solution.

Opening article in "Straubinger Tagblatt"